IsAboutFreedom.com is a space to share with the world my journey towards my #1 personal goal: FREEDOM. As this is a big word with infinite interpretations, let me explain how I see it.


See, we are living in an awesome world full of opportunities and things to experience. Our planet is beautiful. Humanity has reached an advanced level of knowledge, technology, comfort. However, if we zoom in on people, most of us are living stressed out and not enjoying this world to the maximum, trapped inside two unconventional, invisible prisons that hold us back: our fears and our financial dependency.

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”


The first prison is very personal. It’s in our minds and it’s made out of fears. We all born creative, curious and brave. But 20 years later we’re a pile of all kind of fears. Parents, school, media, society and corporations eliminates our intrepid spirit, replacing it with a “realistic” person full of fake needs that always plays safe.

To get out of this trap we need Mind Freedom, which is being aware of how powerful we are. We must have a strong, healthy relation with our highest self, and let him guide us. Self-development – and spirituality at an advanced stage – can take us to the point of loving and trusting ourselves to unleash our highest potential.

“Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy…”
John Lennon


The second prison is money. Must of us don’t own our time because we are trading it for money from 9 am to 5 pm, in a full-time job. We’re spending all the sunlight hours of our days working, instead of living! Having a single source of income based on a job limits our time to really enjoy our lives.

To get out of this trap we need Financial Freedom. We need to build businesses and invest in order to cut the dependency on a job. On the 21st century, a good path for this transition lies in the unprecedented business opportunities on the internet.

So, this blog is about the journey to living our highest potential and owning our time. I want to share the lessons, resources and teachers that I learn from on my path. I also want to connect with like-minded people on the same journey. Progress is always faster when we share and connect.

To your freedom,